About Wing Sing Garden

Wing Sing Garden Company Limited has years of experience and expertise, with a network spanning across Hong Kong, constantly learning and researching the latest landscaping and design concepts from around the world.​

-園藝工程-節日花卉-Wingsing Garden-元朗花場-植物批發-真聖誕樹-園林綠化-修樹工程

Our primary business

Our primary business includes landscaping design, construction, and maintenance, plant selection and cultivation, mowing, construction and maintenance, holiday flower sales, horticultural maintenance, and more. Our professional team has extensive experience and skills to provide customers with high-quality services. Whether it is a park, square, villa, commercial building, or private garden, we can provide the best landscaping solution according to the customer's needs and budget.

-園藝工程-節日花卉-Wingsing Garden-元朗花場-植物批發-真聖誕樹-園林綠化-修樹工程
-園藝工程-節日花卉-Wingsing Garden-元朗花場-植物批發-真聖誕樹-園林綠化-修樹工程
-園藝工程-節日花卉-Wingsing Garden-元朗花場-植物批發-真聖誕樹-園林綠化-修樹工程
Noble Fir (6-7ft.)-園藝工程-節日花卉-除草-植物批發-真聖誕樹-美國聖誕樹-園林綠化-修樹工程-私人花園-園藝保養-蘭花-菊花-四季桔-芍藥-聖誕花-工程-詠昇-元朗花場-羅漢松-Christmas tree-Garden maintenance-Wingsing Garden-Yuen Long Garden

What we provide

In addition, we also provide seasonal flower sales and wholesale, horticultural maintenance, and other services to create a pleasant atmosphere for customers during festive decoration while maintaining the health of flowers and plants, making the entire environment more beautiful and comfortable.

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Our Values

We adhere to the core values of "quality, professionalism, innovation, and service" and continuously improve the quality of our products and services to create a green, healthy, and beautiful environment for customers, becoming a leader in the landscaping industry.